Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kick-Ass Kicked ASS!!

Title says it all! i really liked this movie. This is the type of movie that if i ever run into while surfing the tv a year from now and i see it, i'm going to watch it again. This isn't usually the type of movie i like this much, i'm not really into slasher and action movies. I'm usually into comic book movies, romantic-comedy movies, straight up comedies and the like. This movie is actually a comic book movie but as far as i now, there's only one that was kind of like this (Punisher: Warzone) which i also liked. Anyway, i'm not really going to do a review or anything like that. I don't actually know how to do that, I guess i'll just post the things i like and i didn't. Oh, and just to make it clear. I'm not going to compare the comic to the movie since i never got to read the comic. Though thanks to the movie, i'm planning to check it out REAL SOON. Though i guess it does have some differences such as the costume and some other stuff.

- Red Mist: didn't really like the selection of Red Mist, something seemed off about him.
- CENSORSHIP: movie's R-13 so the blood and gore are there, too bad the other "mature" parts were cut. here in our country. Can anyone tell me if there was a nude part in the scene where Dave Lizaweski (Kick-Ass) was in Katie's room and he was massaging her? Not sure about the name..
- Big Daddy: The thing he did with his voice making it sound robotic, not good. Though i did like his last scene though. The one where he was getting burned, really sad.

- the 3 main geeks were really believable for me, especially the fat one who plays Dale on Greek.
- BLOOD and VIOLENCE - there were plenty, and i don't think they were over the top.
- Hit-Girl -I LOVE HIT GIRL. i seriously do! i cringed when the big boss bad guy kicked her in the face. She's so cute and yet she's so violent and she says "cunt" and is shot by her dad in the chest and stuff. I especially liked the scene where she took out the entire mob of muscles of the big bad guy.
- The jet-pack gatling gun thing - yeah, it only killed 3 guys..but still.
- THIS GIRL: Lyndsy Fonesca. WOW. she's up there in my list of celebrity crushes now.I liked a lot more about the movie but i'm not in the modd to think right now, all i can say is that the movie isn't for everyone. Parents shouldn't bring their kids to go and watch this. But for anyone who's looking for a good movie to watch that has a mix of comedy and brutality, go and see this. KICK-ASS is great. I want to be like Kick-Ass now, maybe go and start a super-hero trend in our world.

Oh yeah, now i'm excited about these movies:
- Iron Man 2
- The Expendables
- The Losers

And I should really go and get my new comics:
- Dark Wolverine 85
- Uncanny X-Men 523
- X-Men Legacy 235

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