Thursday, April 29, 2010

X-Force 26: Death of an X-Man

Let me start off by saying that i have really enjoyed the first third of the Second Coming crossover, it's like watching the old(?) Phoenix Suns (Nash, Amare, Marion, Joe Johnson, etc.) play basketball. They just keep on going, fast paced all the way.

X-Force 26 features the first major death of an X-Man in Second Coming and it probably won't be the last (i think Cable will go down with guns blazing on the finale) and it does deliver, There have been deaths before this one (Ariel) but she wasn't really one of the core X-Men. Like the rest of the Second Coming issues, this is very action packed while also being able to distribute the appearances to the four most prominent "teams" that have been appearing, Alpha (Wolverine, X-23, Colossus, Archangel, Psylocke, Cable), Beta (New Mutants, right?), Home (Cyclops, Emma, etc.) and the newly formed Rogue, Kurt, and Hope. i really like the detail in Choi's art, the only thing that bothered me was the face of Psylocke, i think it was way too round. Other than that, i think it was great. I already got used to the way he draws Logan's face.

Now, onto the death itself. (I'm assuming that if anyone is reading this, he/she has already read the issue)

It's believable to think that Bastion saw through the diversion created by the Alpha Team, though he still made sure just in case by sending a lot of people there. He could have seen through it since their fastest mode of transportation is heading somewhere else with Rogue. My only problem here is that Kurt didn't need to die..i thought he would die because there would be no other choice. He could have jumped behind, instead of infront of Hope, getting there just in time to BAMF the two of them to safety. I did like the way when he said in the end that he believes that it is worth it because he believes in her. and here's a look at how the Alpha team found out..
images taken from Psylocke - like a Butterfly
i REALLY wish Wolverine will be the one who gets to kill Bastion instead of Hope, i think it'll be a great way for him to avenge the death of Kurt.

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