Sunday, May 16, 2010

comic book bargains!

I'm going to take a break from my Uncanny Uniform thing to talk about something else..

This past weekend, Robinson's Manila had a 3-day mall wide sale (not sure but i think the other Robinson's malls did too), I really didn't care about it until i got to see Comic Odyssey from an escalator, i saw a sign saying "30% off" and as soon as i could, i went there as fast as i can. I was disappointed to find out that the discount was only for the 1:10, 1:25, etc. variants. I just figured to go to the P20 bargain bin that rarely has any issues i want but then i saw a sign that said: "all backissues P50 only".

That's FIFTY PESOS. A little over an american dollar. There is a catch though, the backissues they were talking about were the ones in the boxes. That's pretty much alright with me since I have all the recent issues i needed. The problem was that i had a very limited budget at that time so i couldn't go wild. I had to select VERY CAREFULLY.

I was only able to buy a total of 14 comics. Which costs P700 i guess, more or less US$15 but i'm too lazy to actually check. Bought 9 of them on friday and 5 more earlier today, too bad I didn't have more money with me. Unfortunately, i don't have a camera right now so I'll just try to remember which ones i bought and post the covers here. Here they are, and why i chose to buy them.

Wolverine 33-35 (House of M) I think the House of M story arc was the only one that was still complete over at the backissue bin, i bought them earlier today and i'm happy that my Vol.3 Wolverine is slowly beginning to fill itself out (stopped collecting after issue 9 thanks to being unable to go to malls before.)
Wolverine 74 - You might be wondering what this issue is doing here, and no I didn't get it cause i had no other choice. I got this since i bought the the reason i bought this is because I bought number 73 over at ebay (another story i'll try to touch up soon). And as much as possible, i try to have the complete storyarc. I especially hate it when i have just one or two missing, and since this specific storyarc is just a two parter, i grabbed the first chance i had of completing it.

BEST CHANCE TO GRAB THE OLDIES (not too sure if i got this ones or not)
i REALLY don't want to buy old issues twice or thrice their original price, but then i probably will since i still have a long way to go before i complete the 1st ongoing wolverine. I'm not so sure about some of them but i think these are the ones that i got. I'll clarify when i have the chance.
Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #2
Wolverine 14
Wolverine 16
Wolverine 18
Wolverine 20
Wolverine 22
Wolverine 35
Wolverine 44

Wolverine 46

As you can see, i threw out having a complete storyline out of the window. This is the best chance I'm going to have to get these things. They usually cost the same or even more than the current srp for new issues. I'm not really sure if i got a couple of them, though i'm sure i got 8 issues from the first Wolverine ongoing. It's just that I can't remember exactly which ones they are. I'll post the actual pictures once i get a chance, probably together with the ones i got from ebay. And finally...

Kitty Pryde and Wolverine 1 - this is also the reason why i bought the number 2, this might or might not be worth something but it's okay with me. I try to get as much number 1s as i can. Not because i plan on selling them in the future, nope..i intend to keep them as long as i could. I just like having #1s.
Weapon X 1- I already have a copy of this one, 2 of them actually. It's just that the copies i have are the ones that came free with the Marvel Legends AoA Weapon X figures from ToyBiz. I just couldn't pass up the chance of getting this number 1.

There you go, my sale hauls. if i just had more money then i could've bought more. I guess i'll make sure i'm ready the next time a similar event occurs.

I also bought 2 comics worth of books from my other comic book shop (the one i frequent the most), i'll try to share my thoughts on them sometime soon. Plus, i'm scheduled to meet-up with the guy from ebay who'll sell me more comics..stay tuned.

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