Thursday, May 6, 2010

Uncanny Uniforms: Tigerstripe Wolverine

Anyone who grew up watching the animated X-Men series will pretty much associate Wolverine with this costume. This one is called "tigerstripe" probably because of the prominent stripes on the shoulder and the torso of the uniform. This uniform is probably the most recognizable to most people, though it isn't the most well liked. this uniform first appeared on the Giant Sized X-Men #1, where Xavier gets a new team to rescue his students from the living island of Kroaka(?). It was not conceived on purpose, the cover artist was supposed to draw the cat-face/first appearance uniform but he made a mistake of making the ears and the points on the boots longer. They liked that look so much that they decided to stick with it and drop the old look. Sometime around the mid1980s Wolverine dropped this style in favor of the crowd favorite brown and tan costume. Then sometime around the 90s this costume was once again used until they changed it into the New X-Men look which incorporated the style of the X-Men movies. There have been very little changes or variations to this look throughout the years that it has been used. Changes included are the sizr of the shoulder pads, color of the mask (ranging from black to blue) and the belt buckle, usually being X when he is with the X-Men and going with the normal belt buckle when he is on solo missions on his own book. Some of his most famous moments happened while he was wearing this uniform, such as going against the Hellfire Club all by himself while the other X-Men were held as prisoners. Having his adamantium sucked out from him by Magento. In terms of character development, a lot has changed about him compared to when he first appeared. Instead of being an actual Wolverine, they turned him into a teenaged boy. But when the artists drew his face unmasked, they made it look as if he was in his forties, and once again the look stuck. They also incorporated the adamantium claws to the character instead of the gloves, making it a part of the character himself.
Though the whiskers problem of the first appearance uniform was changed, the fact that it was still blue and yellow made it a lot less stealthy and intimidating in my mind. Though i guess being a superhero means that you have to wear bright colors. Since this is probably the most recognizable Wolverine look, a lot of merchandise using this look has been created already. I have quite a few of them and I'm going to share with you guys the ones that are opened. This is not counting the figures i have of him that are still unopened. And i myself admit that I'm lacking a lot of figures wherein he's sporting this look.

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