Monday, July 26, 2010

Uncanny X-Force

I know that this is probably very late and that people already know who they are but here we go. The New X-Force..which will now be called "Uncanny" X-Force. The team was revealed in one of the chapters of the Second Coming finale. It's pretty much a team that Wolverine put together wherein all the members have no problem with killing. Every member from the last team, other than Warren, is out. Warpath has finally made his peace, Rhaine was never really supposed to be there, X-23 was sent away by Wolverine since she was starting to become just a weapon again. He didn't like how they were using her. Vanisher, i don't know. Last we saw him, he was shot in one of his brothels. I'm not sure whether or not he is still alive. The one big problem I have with the new line-up is that Domino isn't there, i don't know why she wasn't included since she'd be a very good match here.

Anyway, the new reveal happened when Scott and Logan were in Alcatraz talking about the ramifications of the actions of X-Force, how the other X-Men reacted and what would happen if guys like the Avengers found out about it. Both of them wouldn't want to have it any toher way as they knew that they were able to preserve mutant kind through those actions. Though there views clash since Wolverine thinks that X-Force is needed now more so than ever since there are even less mutants than there were prior to Second Coming. Scott on the other hand has faith in Hope and that it is a new age for them, and he doesn't want a mutant kill crew to be a part of that new age. Wolverine agrees, says that Scott should get some rest and he'll follow back to Utopia. He just needs to burn some stuff (evidence?). He then starts talking about how the meeting took longer than expected and that it also turned out differently. It was revealed that he was talking to his new team..

I really enjoyed Craig Kyle and Chris Yost's run on X-Force, afterall it was the one that brought me back into this very expensive world called comic collecting. I don't really know who Remeder is and I don't know who the artist will be either. But i'm going to get the first issue when it comes out, It will also have more lee-way compared to the other team books I'm getting. Not liking the first issue won't make me drop the title immediately. I'm really hoping for good things from this one. Oh, and for those asking about X-Force versions of Deadpool, Fantomex and Psylocke's outfits, here they are..

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