Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kotobukiya X-Force Wolverine PVC Statue

I already stated during my SDCC 2010 blog that this statue is still in my "not sure" list. One of the biggest reasons as to why I'm not sure about getting this yet is because it uses the same sculpt as the upcoming Tigerstripe Wolverine statue and that one really doesn't seem right to me, it looks like the body is really buldging but then the torso area seems real flat. Plus you can see the part where the head disconnects to the body. The negatives are really seen here but thanks to the dark colors of the X-Force uniform, it's not as evident there.
I'm still undecided about whether or not I'll get the X-Force Wolverine when it comes out (I'm not getting the other 2 versions). But lately it's been growing on me quite a bit. Unlike the Bowen X-Force Wolverine, which to me seems almost perfect (since Randy Bowen said that the underwear thing has been fixed already), I have a few things that I don't like about this piece. One of them is still the fact that it uses the same sculpt as Tigerstripe Wolverine, which means the problems I have with the torso are still there. I also don't like the base at all. They could've just made it the Danger Room Base depicting a war torn industrial place, or maybe if they wanted to make it differently they coulld have used dead purifier bodies as the base. I also think that the muscles are a bit overboard on this sulpt, I actually prefer the less muscular looks of most of today's comics compared to the bulky drawings that were almost considered as the norm during the 90s. Here's an example..this 1st picture seems to be the default Wolverine picture during the 90s or early 00s.
As you can see it's real bulky and overly muscular, it looks great in the comic books as long as it's not overly done, just the right amount of exagerrated muscles is nice enough. The style of the Kotobukiya Wolverine Statue reminds me of this style.

Not sure if there's really a default Wolverine picture now, but i think this might be the one.

Still muscular but not overly done, i prefer this one a whole lot more. Most of my busts have this type of body style, even my SDCC exclusive Kotobukiya X-Force Wolverine.

I must admit that even though I don't like the sculpt that much, it has a certain appeal that makes me want to get this thing. The X-Force costume seems to be highly detailed with the boots, gloves, mask and even the design around the knee. It's really similar to how Mike Choi drew Wolverine's X-Force uniform in the comic books. It has a real dynamic pose. It's the kind of pose that you can imagine Wolverine doing right before he screams and starts to attack. Plus, there's also news that the sculpt of this thing isn't final yet and that the base will be changed, so that's good news for me. I think that this piece is something that might not be for everyone but for those who like it, they'll like it very much. And i think the biggest perk of this piece is that it will most probably come with an unmasked head. I already told you earlier about the head not being a part of the whole body, the reason is that you can exchange the head with an unmaksed one. As of now, I'd probably get this if it'll be cheaper than the Bowen X-Force Wolverine (I'm assuming the Bowen will drop at no more than $200, so this one i'm hoping will be around $150), if it's going to be released a few months after the Bowen one (if i have the money, i'll get this 100%), and if they do something about the base. I really really don't like the base, it seems out of place. They could go with my earlier siggestions or even just remove the brown part altogether and just place him on a bigger gargoyle, anything that doesn't seem out of place.

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