Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Marvel Select Gambit

I'm currently undergoing the VERY sad task of downsizing/streamlining my toy collection. I put up for sale all my 3.75" Wolverine and most of my 6" ones, plus I already sole a few other figures from other lines (Minimates, Heroclix, etc.) because I have some payments to make. One of the toy lines I decided to keep was the Marvel Select by Diamond Select Toys, as of right now I have all the Wolverines they have ever released. Coming this December, it looks like another member of the X-Men might join him in my collection..and it's not X-23.

from MarvelousNews
Gambit's my second favorite X-Man during the 90s, thanks to the animated series. But I was never really able to truly follow his 616 counterpart, I have some of the back issues from his series but that's about it. Right now I don't think he's being handled as well as he could be. Anyway, that prototype picture looks AMAZING. Some of the recent prototypes I've seen were crappy but this thing just screams buy me. If the actual figure might be anywhere near as good as this..It's a sure cop.

I never open my MS figures, but this might be an exception.

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