Wednesday, September 15, 2010

X-23 #1 Review

Story By: Marjorie Liu
Art: Will Conrad

The story definitely takes place before the events of Wolverine #1. This seems to have taken place a few days after X-Men Second Coming. If we look at this issue, it seems that X-23's book will be about her finding a way to fit in with others and also trying to find proof that she can do something else other than just kill. Marjorie Liu will make you feel bad for X-23 just by reading about how the other Young X-Men react to her. She also sets up Laura as someone who doubts herself, she's being portrayed as an "emo teen" who thinks that no one can relate to what she's going through but in her case it just might be true. Conrad's art is nice, he uses just the right amount of dark so that it's in touch with the tone and the mood of the story but it isn't overdone. The book had some great moments like Laura having a nice, albeit one sided, conversation with Ororo about how both of them having a very difficult childhood. It's nice how she's getting or at least the older X-Men are trying to guide her now. The chess bit was also nice, it shows that even though Laura's uneducated, she's very smart. Kind of like how Wolverine is I guess. Other older figures also appear here, Wolverine is still portrayed here as someone who cares for her but he wants her to make her own decisions. Emma Frost shows a rare moment of caring emotion as she shows compassion to Laura, and saying that she has proven herself already. Keeping up with the Heroic Age theme, Cyclops finally has finally found the sense to actually help Laura try to be a regular kid, though Laura herself admits that it isn't likely to happen. Lastly, it's unclear right now as to how Wolverine being in hell is affecting her, maybe the demon who possesses Wolverine is the one who caused what happened to her in the last pages of the book? Overall, it's a pretty good opening book but hopefully it'll pick up in the next few issues. X-23 fans will not be disappointed about this one and comic book fans will like how this book sort of makes you sympathize for what has happened to her.
OVERALL: 3.75/5

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