Saturday, August 14, 2010

Might STOP toy collecting

I'm actually considering stopping action figure collecting now. Why? Because I'm thinking of just moving on to something more expensive but comes out less often that the action figures...

Those STONE thinggies. I'm liking way too much of them now, especially with the Kotobukiya X-Force Wolverine and the Bowen X-Force Wolverine on my want list. And now something else was added to it..This was the first thing I saw in my e-mail the moment I woke up. I might stop toy collecting since I can't collect comics, action figures, and the occational statue/bust since that "occasional" might get more and more frequent. I sure as hell won't give up comics.

Here's my initial thoughts on the statue:
- It's better compared to the X-23 that was part of the SS X-Force Diorama. The pose is very similar but the Sideshow one overdid the strut and the thiness.
- Hair and face should be improved (Which will be)
- She actually has a teenagers body here, people usually forget that and make her look as busty as possible.
- I know it's trying to stay accurate to the reference art but I'm hoping it'll be both hands closed with claws out or at least both have claws out.
- I'm hoping they'll use a base similar to the other X-Men or maybe an X-base.
- Randy Bowen said an X-Force piece will also come out, I'll probably get that but I'm having second thoughts since it looks like this costume is good too. This is the one worn by the Eaglemoss X-23.

I'm hoping I'll be able to find the money for this, good thing it's probably still a year before this one comes out. I can save up for it little by little instead of suddenly releasing a boatload of money.

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