Friday, August 6, 2010

Wolverine In Hell

Come September, Wolverine Weapon X will end and Jason Aaron will be writing the new ongoing Wolverine. It'll be the Fourth Volume of the Wolverine title (1st being the mini-series, 2nd is the 1988-2003 run, 3rd started in 2003 and was replaced by Dark Wolverine after issue 74).

The 1st storyarc will deal with Wolverine in Hell. I don't know how he'll get there, theories range from Nightrawler's request, to the eye of Aggamotto. A lot of people aren't too excited about this, saying it's been done already blah, blah. But I'm actually looking forward to reading this one, why?
- Of the more recent Wolverine writers, Jason Aaron is probably the best.
- His Wolverine Weapon X run was great, other than the final storyarc with the Deathlocks.
- He was able to put Wolverine in different situations and made it an interesting read.
- Wolverine in Hell, facing of against all those he killed and put there!
Yes, in that teaser piture (probably a cover) you can see Sabretooth, Gorgon, Hand, Hydra, Nazi, and a Japanese guy who may or may not be Mariko's father.

Whil Wolverine is stuck in hell, a demon will possess his body. Terrorizing people in the Marvel Universe!It might have been done already in Enemy of The State but that was one hell of a ride, plus this time I think everyone knows that he's possessed. You might ask how the X-Men will take this, well it's been said in an interview that in issue 4, Wolverine's body will take on Colossus! Fastball special anyone?

For those of you who are still on the fence for getting this one, I suggest you do. Jason Aaron's Wolverine is more of as hit that a miss for most of the time. He writes entertaining stories, whether it be something that's never been done before (Wolverine in a Mental Institute) or something that seems to be done every now and again (Adamantium Men). We'll see how this thing goes, but given Aaron's track's going to be one hell of a ride (pun not really that intended).

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