Monday, October 18, 2010

Released pictures of Kotobukiya X-23 statue

Straight from Kotobukiya releases the 1st of what seems to be a line of the X-Force members.
X-23 in her X-Force outfit. The piece will have a base that seems like a rooftop, which means the base might be interlocked with the upcoming X-Force Wolverine one. X-23 will also have a change-o-head between a masked and unmasked one. I'm not sure whether or not her eyes are green but if they are, I'm going to display it together with the X-23 1 Del 'Otto variant. This beautiful piece will be released sometime around May 2011 and here's hoping I have money around that time since it's going to be retailed at $160.00.

Initial thoughts? I like how she's sexy but she doesn't look overly think or have very big breasts. She seems like a sexy teenager, and the pose is something that looks very much like something she would do. I also like how the black part of her outfit is shiny, it sort of has a leather-y feel to it. I'm not yet sold on the base though, especially since the color is very different from the actual statue.

Here's hoping I'll be able to get my hands on this one.

click HERE for the direct link to the article.

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