Saturday, October 9, 2010


I often check the online shops like, and for sale threads of forums like ptk, ckp, and psf to see if I can score some of the things that are missing in my collection. But everyone once in a while I see a posting that catches my attention even if it isn't really what I was looking for. Normally I wouldn't buy those things but this time, I saw something which really caught my eye and I couldn't tun it down.

FOUR PREMIER HARDCOVERS LISTED AT P1000! that's pretty much just US$22.00 if my exchange rate is up to date. The SRP for those things are US$19.99!

After much talking, we bargained and tried to arrange a meet-up place. He also offered me a couple of other items. We ended up having this deal..
For P1500 (US$33.33) i'd get the following:
Yep, all those shit for just P1500.00! That's a STEAL considering I got the items at pretty much store condition, they're HCs and TPBs so the conditions aren't that important for me. Here's a closer look at them..
X-Men Vs. Fantastic Four
X-Men Vs. The Avengers
X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills
X-Men: Wolverine/Gambit Victims
X-Men Magik: Storm & Illyana
- Not bad right? God Loves, Man Kills was the loose basis of the X-2 movie. I might let go off the Magik book but it's going to be fine by me if I have to keep it. I already read the Wolverine/Gambit one and it's okay, might stop looking for the single issues but if I found them, I'll sell this one. X-Men Vs. Fantastic Four, not sure what it's about. All I know is that during this time, Kitty was disintegrating and/or can't come out of her phasing state. X-Men Vs. Avengers is something about Magneto, not sure once again but I'm interested.

X-Men Days of Future Past
X-Men Manifest Destiny
X-Men Lovelorn
- Even if these three weren't included, the deal would've still been a good one, though i probably wouldn't bite if these ones weren't thrown in. I already finished reading the Manifest Destiny and Lovelorn and since I'm a big fan of Kyle/Yost's X-Force, it was fun for me to see little clues about the existence of the team throughout the series. Such as Laura's bloody towel, Wolverine and Warpath's eye contact after Scott told them to be quiet and so on. As for the DoFP one, I'm real excited to read about this story. Afterall, it's one of the big X-Stories.

There, it's pretty much like I found a great deal in that transaction. The only bad part about it was that I had to go all the way up to SM North Edsa to get it, but I assure you that it was worth it.

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