Sunday, October 3, 2010

Review: Bowen Unmasked Wolverine Action Pose Statue

Here's my very first full size statue. I got some extra money after I sold some of my action figures and I thought it was a good idea to get this one, I was able to buy it at WAY BELOW the price it normally goes for.

Bowen Designs Unmasked Action Pose Wolverine Statue, this was released sometime during 2008. Since Wolverine is one of the most marketable characters around, it's no surprise that Bowen has a lot of Wolverines out there already, 5 MBs (a 6th one being the first appearance with a gold base), 2 mid-size statues (brown and tigerstripe), 6 full-sized museum poses (Brown, Faux Bronze Brown, Tigerstripe, X-belt Variant Tigerstripe, Unmasked, Logan) and 3 action poses (tigerstripe and first appearance being the other two). But that's not all, Bowen has already put the X-Force Wolverine Museum pose up for order (ordered it already, by the way) and they're currently making Weapon X and Old Man Logan statues. I have no intention of completing them, maybe if I win the lottery I'll try it. Anyway, onto the review..

Packaging and CoA:
The packaging looks great, it has the classic feel to it and it looks distinctly Bowen. On top of the box, the word "Wolverine" is written using the default Wolverine font. As for the sides, it's pretty much a product shot and some information about Bowen. I don't know if it's just me but I prefer the style they use on their MBs, wherein a blurb about the character is written on the side. Bowen Designs doesn't provide a Certificate of Authenticity for their products. What they do instead is write the production number of the statue at the bottom of the statue's base and also at the bottom of the box.
My statue is numbered 126 out of 1000.
As for the packaging, same as all of the statues, styrofoam is used in order to protect the statue. It also has a special type of wrapper so that the statue wouldn't stick to the statue. It does a great job protecting the statue, i commuted on my way home and nothing happened to it. It's also nice that the statue is only two separate pieces, I've seen some that looks like a jigsaw puzzle out of the box.
The base of the statue is very detailed. It seems like it's the edge of a cliff or a huge rock sticking out of the ground. It's very detailed, It's the first time I've seen it up close and the sculptor really made a great job of doing this one.
I don't really have anything wrong to say about the base, it's a prefect base for a lunging Wolverine action pose. Another plus is that it's so big that you can actually use it as a diorama for the 3.75" action figures, though that'll make one EXPENSIVE base.
you really want to use this as a diorama?

As for the figure itself, it doesn't disappoint. I think it's the same scale as the Museum Pose full sized Bowens, I really think that this is a great scale for statues. It comes with a small peg that you insert into the hole in the base.This is a great representation of the Brown Wolverine outfit, paint is really solid and there's very minimal slop. You won't really see anything wrong with this one unless you want to find one. The hair on his arms are painted on, it doesn't seem overly done. It's actually a nice addition since Wolverine is actually supposed to be VERY hairy. The claws also seem to be of the right length, it looks as if it could actually fit into his forearms. I myself am not very particular about it but i do prefer more realistic lengths rather that longer ones.If I could actually change anything about the statue, it would probably be the face. For some reason I keep thinking that he has a very flat nose on this one. He has that cave man vibe to him, I know Wolverine isn't supposed to be good looking but I think he looks gruff and unkempt instead of neanderthal like.
The face bothers me but not enough for me to think that it's a bad piece, the face might actually grow on you. From what I know, Bowen doesn't really have specific artworks to base their pieces on. I guess the face is the sculptor's own interpretation of what a 3d Wolverine would look. Another thing that could have added to the cowl at the back of the head, sort of like he just removed it. Much like the unmasked museum pose Wolverine or the LSB Wolverine from Sideshow.
Overall, I'm realy happy about my purchase of this statue. It looks great and it's a real steal at the price I got it for. It'll probably be a pretty long time before he gets followed by another statue but I'm pretty sure one's about to follow..

If you want one of your own, quite a few comic shops here in the Philippines still have him but I suggest checking online if any owners are trying to dispose him. Either way, he's worth the price..he's currently going for around $245.00 here in the Philippines since the dollar has went down since this was first released and because of the shipping but if you try hard enough, you can find him at around $180.00
Here's how I'm currently displaying him..
displayed with Wolverine 27 (EDIT: the display style was changed after i posted the entry)

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