Monday, February 15, 2010

House of M. Some thoughts.

House of M happened around 5 years ago. It was Marvel's major crossover for 2005. That was a time when i wasn't able to read comic books anymore. After 5 years, i was finally able to read the crossover (i pretty much read the entire Civil War, including the tie-ins).From what i have read from Wolverine's and the main book itself, it's actually quite good. It was Scarlet Witch pretty much going crazy and altering the course of the world. Granting the desires of most (if not all) people. Bust most importantly, Magneto's dream of Homo Superiors domination over Homo Sapiens. The only hitch was that Wanda might (since i'm not sure) have created another girl who knew about the real reality and Wolverine's desire was to remember EVERYTHING (and be like Nick Fury). I didn't think the story was forced, the only problem for me was that they didn't try to go deeper on what Jessica Drew said, about what was so wrong about what happened. Since i only read the main book and Wolverine's part, i'm not sure i picked up all of it. Unlike Civil War, this major crossover had little effects on the "status quo" other than wiping out the mutants. I'm just wondering how Scarlet Witch selected which mutants get to keep their powers. I'm also interested in knowing how Prof. X, Magneto, and Iceman get their powers back.

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