Friday, February 12, 2010

Hunt for Mr. Sinister! Marvel Superhero Squad Pack.

When Wolverine's movie came out May last year, a whole slew of Wolverine movie related toys came out. I only started August last year so i missed their releases, most of them didn't sell or maybe they just ordered a LOT that's why up until now a lot of them are still in the pegs. I saw a lot of them being sold on ebay and in the local forum going around P450-P600 at first, didn't really bite on any of them since i felt that they were going to go on sale anyway. I only bought a three of them (the 3.75" brown wolverine, tigerstripe wolverine, and the weapon x w/ chamber) when they were sold on a real low price, P300($6) for the single carded ones and P450 ($9) for the ones with the huge accessories. I also bought the the TRU exclusives Wolverine w/ Motor (came with sabretooth) and Unmasked Astonishing (came w/ Collossus) as loose ones when they were sold for P300 each. Then just a few weeks ago Toys R' Us finally put all the Wolverine movie items for sale, 50% at that! I bought all the 3.75" ones i can find. The premium series didn't go on sale so i still don't have that and the final wave didn't reach our shores. But those 3.75" Wolverines won't be the topic for this post.

I've said before that when it comes to Super Hero Squad and Minimates figs, i won't really get the Wolverines unless i find them below SRP. I also said i'll do my best to geth the X-Force from that line. One of the Wolverine Movie Super Hero Squad sets that was released was a pack called "Hunt for Mr. Sinister" it included X-Force Wolverine, X-Force X-23, Cable, and Mr. Sinister. It was weird that Mr. Sinister came with them since they didn't interact at all in the comics, there was never a story line like this. It would have been better if it was "Hunt for Bishop" or something.

grabbed from the net.

Anyway, the reason why i didn't buy this immediately when i found out about the sale was because i already had the X-Force Wolverine and i thought that i would've had a hard time looking for buyers of Mr. Sinister and Cable. Then one day i found out that someone wanted to get Cable and Mr. Sinister from the set, so i went and bought it! I put Wolverine up for sale and w/in 24 hours i already have a buyer! NICE! so now i pretty much bought the set for X-23.
Let me put up first the first guy from the set that i got. X-Force Wolverine, i don't really know how many times this body has been used already, i don't like the fact that they just change the paint more often than not. They didn't even put an effort to changing the boots (same with MU X-force, he's not supposed to wear the pointy boots) paint apps for the 2 that i have are decent enough, no real smudges or anything. though this is probably the least detailed fig. The only real detailed part of him is the sheath of his claws, but i don't think the X-Force uniform doesn't sport those. I was also surprised to find out that he has 3 points of articulation (left and right arm, hip) since i was under the impression that he only had 2. Overall, he's good for a SHS fig.
Up next is a guy i'll be disposing, Mr. Sinister. He's quite big so i'm thinking this is actually one of the better SHS figs out there. Nice enough detail with good enough paint apps. He sports articulation on both arms, his cape is made of a softer plastic so he doesn't really fall over, he can stand on his own two feet. This is probably the best figure out of the four.

The Cable fig is pretty goood too, he's also quite big for a minimate. No real paint apps problem for this one also. He has a pretty nice gun but the problem is he doesn't point it straight. Another bad point here is that only the arm with the gun can move. I don't know why they didn't try to make the other one moveable too. Since there aren't really any overlapping details between the chest and arm areas. If they made the arm movable, it migh give the Sinister fig a run for it's money.
Finally, X-23. The sole reason i bought the set for. You can see that there are minor paint problems around the neck but other than that the paint is alright. Details are nice too, you can see the sculpt on the boots. My only real problem with this one is that it sports no articulation at all. The only consolation i get is the fact that there are the feet claws. Something the minimates figure failed to add. She's pretty small too, though it is appropriate since she's slender and not so tall. One good thing about her is that she has a pretty good action pose, and it's not really a problem when it comes to making her stand. Overall, i'm content with it, couldv'e had one or two points of articulation but who am i to complain? it's not like i'll be moving her around often.

There, i reviewed the whole set. These are the first SHS figs i got right out of the box, not as tempting to collect as the others but they're not to shabby either. I bet this would make good toys for little kids since they're made of pretty solid plastic and they don't have any small stuff to choke on. Just watch out for the pointy stuff.

If anyone's wondering what the book is, it's Wolverine: Inside the World of the Living Weapon. It's a nice read and a good buy if you want to catch up to Wolverine's history.

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