Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marvel Minimates X-Force Wolverine and X-23

Before X-Force Wolverine came out, i never really paid attention to this line, it seemed to LEGO-ey for me. The fact that a lot of Wolverines came out in this line already (type "Wolverine" in the search bar and you'll get what i'm saying) made things even worse. Then pictures of Wave 31 popped up, i saw an X-Force Wolverine packed together with a Hydra Agent. Seeing that picture made me check out the marvel minimates thread in ptk and ask comic oddysey if they already had it. Had to wait a few months before i found one. Then a week later Wave 32 arrived here in the Philippines and it had a Retro X-Force Cable/Modern X-Force X-23 pack. I knew i had to get that one too. Now i pretty much have the same policy in Minimates as i do with the Super Hero Squad line, which is complete X-Force and buy Wolverine only when below SRP. I'm currently trying to dispose Cable since i already found a Hydra Agent buyer, i'm selling those off for half the price. Packaging is simple but it actually looks nice, there's a small window to see the figures (took them out already) the leaflet serves as a background and the box of the art looks good. At the side you see a portrait of the character which is contained, the back has the pictures of the entire wave and a very small description of the two characters.
That's Wolverine straight out of the box and bubbles, he comes with alternate clawless hands and a hair piece. This means that the mask of Wolverine is actually removable, but the head won't have any hair other than his facial hair.
The unmasked version looks nice when you put on the hair, my only real problem with this one is an issue with the entire Minimate line. I don't like them having no nose at all. That's the only part of the face which was not touched on, but then again it's not much of a problem for me since i plan on keeping him masked.

X-23 on the other hand came with a masked head without hair on it and a pair of hands that didn't have claws. Again, it seems to bother me that they don't have any noses but overall it still looks good. Hair is nice too, it limits the range of movement of the head. Since X-23's body is still just a rectangle, i guess they just painted on the curves to give her that sexy look. I'm guessing this is the norm for female minimates.
Once again i prefer the masked version more. You rarely see X-23 without her mask while she's wearing that uniform and the shape of the mask actually gives an illusion of a nose. the wrinkles on her forehead also adds a nice touch.
Overall, if these two figs are good representations of the minimates line, then that means i understand why a lot of collectors are getting into these. They look like their comic counterparts and yet they look cute. They have very nice paint apps, non existent or at most minimal smudges. The joints don't have real problems, if they do it's actually that they are a bit tight. They have ample articulation too, head can move up and down a little, 360 degree rotation for Wolverine while X-23 has very limited left and right because of the hair. elbow, wrist, knee, hip. Not 30+ points like the old ToyBiz but it's still adequate enough to put them in nice poses. The claws are very malleable so it's not hard to fix them when bent. They're not scaled and i think most of them come in similar sizes other than the real big ones. But i think that adds to the appeal.
Another perk of this line is the easy kitbashing. You can use spare parts lying around to form new characters and what not. Though this makes it possible for overrun parts to be kitbashed whil still in the factory then sold later on. here's an example:

i'll call her, Jaime Howlett.

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