Tuesday, February 16, 2010

X-Force Stat: Bowen or Sideshow?

I'm a huge huge fan of X-Force, and especially Wolverine. So when i heard (and saw the WIPs) that Bowen will come out with a X-Force Wolverine Museum Pose Statue, i quickly decided to start saving up some money in order to get it once it comes out. From what most statue collectors told me; Bowen Statues, especially Wolverines, go for around P10,000 ($200) more or less as long as they're not the faux bronze, chrome paint, etc. editions. With all other expenses for food, dates, toys, comics, and other things i spend money on i think i could save up that much money in around 5 months time so. Then i heard that Sideshow will come out with a X-Force Diorama consisting of Wolverine, X-23, Warpath and Wolfsbane. It'll come out around late 3rd or early 4th quarter of 2010. Since i'm not rich, i'll only be able to get just one of two statues, either the Bowen or the Sideshow. This post will help me decide on which to get.

As of now, i have no statues at all, i only have a few busts around. Three of them are Bowen and i pre-ordered one more and i'm also currently looking for another. I don't really have any favorites among the companies, it's just that Bowen is more accessible to me.
Right of the bat, if you already have the other Bowen Wolverines, you'll notice that the pose is similar to the Unmasked Museum Wolverine released a few years ago. This might be a problem for some of you but it's not for me since i don't own that one (plus, there are more than just minor tweaks between the two). Since this is a WIP shot, i'll forgive Bowen for not fixing the pants. It's visible that it was designed to have the briefs on the outside instead of solid pants that are grey and black.Sideshow meanwhile has already produced promotion pictures, the ones you see on pre-orders and stuff. It's currently around P12,500 ($25o) so it's more expensive than Bowen. The advantage here is that this diorama includes the entire team from the 1st issue of X-Force. It MIGHT also be possible, though highly unlikely, that a second diorama including Domino, Elixir, Archangel, and Vanisher will come out. Both sculpts are probably just from the imagination of the sculptors or whoever since unlike DST, they don't have those comicbook scenes or those straight from the comic sculpts.

Case for Bowen:
- This statue will look good either as a stand alone or together with the other Museum Pose Bowen Wolverines.
- Bowen's known for their relistic approach to sculptic, so Wolverine here looks realistic. The claws aren't too long and his body isn't out of proportion.
- The detail put on the gloves and boots are just wonderful, you could even make out the ridges. The fact that it's only a WIP means more improvements might be ahead.

Case against Bowen:
- The pants, no one will touch this statue (i think) if they don't fix it.
- IF you're looking to complete the team, it might not happen.

Case for Sideshow:
- It's a team diorama which means we'll get more than just one character in a statue, in this case it's four.
- Interchangabel heads for Wolverine (masked or unmasked) plus if you're getting the exclusive, an interchangable Wolfsbane! (either human or wolf form)
- It's right there, you'll get something very similar to what you see in the picture.

Case against Sideshow:
- Design: Wolverine and Warpath's arms looks more fat than muscular. X-23's pose isn't right, she doesn't walk like that.
- Price: a bit more expensive than what i anticipated.

that's it for my pros and cons. As for my decision? i'd love to get both but then i only have to choose one. As of tonight, i'm leaning more towards Bowen. I just think that the way X-23 is sculpted ruins the entire statue. The arms i could stand, but X-23 is doing the model walk on Sideshow's dio. Plus i think it would've been better if they just stuck with Action pose or Museum pose, not mix it together in one diorama. Thousgh i MIGHT be forced to get it if Bowen doesn't do anything about the pants problem. I'm not saying you should follow my decision, it's up to you if you prefer one over the other. This is just my opinion i'm trying to share. But i'll be ahppier if i found a way to secure both stats that's for sure.

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